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Today’s Review Will Be Looking at a Training System called Review Wizard.

Okay, let’s get started.

Review Wizard holds a special place for me personally primarily because the creators of this training program Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas are two of the top affiliate marketers on the internet and in particular Brett is the primary reason I am here today writing this review.

You see although Brett Rutecky does not do any one on one training I consider him as my mentor and I have purchased almost everything Brett has put to the market, WHY?  Well I can relate to Brett he doesn’t throw BS products out there and he is a total “straight shooter” can be a bit abrupt at times if he thinks your question is a bit “dumb” mostly because unlike me he is a techie type of guy that can build plug-ins, programs, etc.  and his focus is totally affiliate marketing.

What is Review Wizard?

Well Review Wizard is a “no nonsense” complete training package for those people that want to be affiliate marketers but are not sure how to go about it.

First thing you will notice in Brett’s video is a huge emphasis he places on the fact that if you are looking for a “get rich quick scheme” or some sort of open a box, push a button and not have to do any work, the review wizard is NOT for you.

A kind of refreshing statement in today’s world of absolute con artists.  As a footnote to that if ANYONE is offering something that sounds too good to be true, as the old saying goes, “it probably is”.

Honestly anyone who thinks that you can buy anything that is going to produce an income but you won’t have to do any work, all I can say is, YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF, there is NO such thing and the other myth is that you can start a business without any capital at all, once again, YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF, the beauty of online marketing is the low start-up costs but you will need some capital.

Anyway, I digress, back to talking about the product, review wizard.

See the simple “Review Wizard” dashboard below:

What Does Review Wizard Do?

Review Wizard is the complete Affiliate Marketing training package, explains everything you can possibly think of to get yourself up and running as an affiliate marketer, advice, where & what products to look for, picking a theme, how to write your reviews, getting your reviews seen etc. etc.

Who Would Benefit From This Product?

The product is really directed at people that are new to the industry (newbies)  but from my prospective I found that even though I’ve been around a while and purchased many affiliate products to make life easier for me with my eCommerce stores I really didn’t have much of an idea about getting started with affiliate selling and as a result found “Review Wizard” a great help and so I think we should look at this product and say that anyone that is contemplating becoming an “Affiliate Marketing Reviewer” and wants to do it the right way from the start needs to get their hands on this training package, it will save you a ton of time and heartache and oh, let’s not forget the all-important saving you money on wasted purchases.

In A Nutshell:

Well as you would have gathered by now I purchased “Review Wizard” a while ago now and this website is a result of following the training set out by Brett & Mike.

I couldn’t recommend this training package highly enough, if you want to learn how to do something you need to find someone that has proven their success and then simply follow what they have done, which is exactly what I did after purchasing “Review Wizard”

To find out more about this product simply click on the “VISIT SITE” tab at the bottom of this page and good luck for the future.

Type: WP plugin and Training program.

Product Creator: Brett Rutecky & Mike from Maine

  PROS:   Really easy to follow, all tools and information given to succeed.


CONS:   For those who are still searching for something that doesn’t include any work,                           you won’t like this.

Now just to be sure I make all things clear about the reviews on this site: I am an affiliate for every product I review. The vendors for some of these products give me a sample without charge in order for me to review them. This is a standard practice however all my reviews are done honestly, as I see them. I make no promises to the vendor prior to writing my review. Should you click on a link on this site that takes you to a paid product, this link will be an affiliate link and if you purchase I will be paid a percentage of the sale/s again standard practice, nothing new here just being upfront.
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Review Summery

Honestly anyone who thinks that you can buy anything that is going to produce an income but you won’t have to do any work, all I can say is, YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF, there is NO such thing, another myth is you can start a business without any capital, once again, YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF, online marketing has low start-up costs but you will need some capital.

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