AIWIS (Artificial Intelligence Website Interactive System) – REVIEW

AIWIS Is The Product Up For Review Today and It’s a Plugin with a twist.  A must have for All Marketers!

Okay so today’s review is AIWIS a plugin with a rather strange name but a very exciting step in marketing.

The product is called ‘AIWIS’ so what the hell does that stand for? Well the answer may be a bit of a shock to some people because it sounds a little bit super natural and a few years ago it probably was only comic book stuff, so anyway what’s it stand for?

Firstly, its pronounced ‘a wheeze’ and it stands for five different words, Artificial Intelligence Websites Interactive System and so what is it and why is it so special?

Well let’s start with a bit of background on the guy behind AIWIS.  His name would be familiar to many of you as he has been around for quite a while, his name is Craig Crawford and he quite proudly says he’s been working on this project now for more than 15 to 16 months including the idea the proof of concept, to making sure that we can do it exactly right, and he goes on to say, this is a serious piece of kit, this isn’t a quick 2 minute plugin that’s been created this is something that he’s been working on for nearly going on two years now.

Essentially what is AIWIS? Well can we say it’s a “popup” that interacts with the website visitor in many different ways and Craig says, ‘I think it really works because it’s it isn’t a person coming on the screen it is almost part of the website but in in a way it interacts with you so it’s kind of like the halfway house so it’s as you arrive on that website its greeting you by name, it’s then offering you options of what you’d like to do based on your past history as well.’ Basically, you can customize it however you want, just literally you can set up the messages so it works basically 24 hours a day rather than you having to welcome people personally onto your website or create videos or anything like that.  Just think someone is looking after your customers 24/7 on autopilot, that is how you can customize AIWIS to work for you.

The plugin is quite amazing and you can customize it so it can actually save people’s names and tell them where they’re from.   So to give an example, say you had a dog training eBook that you were giving away so they come, they opt in to get this free eBook, so they’ve given their name and email address, then say they’re sent back from a link to join say a membership group, well as soon as they come back onto the site AIWIS will say, it was a lovely day in (wherever they are) you can even offer a coupon code that’s going to expire within the next 20 minutes but now AIWIS can speak to them by their name giving a big WOW factor because it is now personally addressed to them.  That’s an incredibly powerful thing.

We all know that countdown timers work, they increase conversions but AIWIS is like countdown timer on steroids it’s welcoming them by name and saying look you’ve only got this time it left, it’s really is like having somebody being there face to face which we all know is what we’re really trying to achieve when we’re online.  You are trying to achieve more of a personal experience for people and if you can tailor your messages to be more personal and to be a bit more bespoke for them obviously it’s going to be a winner every single time.

AIWIS doesn’t just have to work for opt-ins it can be used for sales it could be using your name, anything as long as you want to get a message across it’s oh so simple to do.

Craig has really made the installation and operation of AIWIS as simple as possible and it really is simple, so easy to create your projects as you will see in the video above.

I have actually purchased and use this product myself so I can attest to the claims made by Craig, it really is quite simple to install and use and the support is great if you do have any problems and the customers seem to enjoy the AIWIS experience and interaction.

AIWIS has great interaction and your messages can be up to 1,400 characters long and so you can get AIWIS pop up and say things like; hey, have you seen my latest post on (whatever you’re blogging about) so you convey to them a message which is personalized to them only.

All in all, I really think AIWIS is a pioneer in what will be the future in online marketing and it really doesn’t matter if you have an eCommerce store, a blog page or an affiliate site, AIWIS is a great tool because everyone feels a little bit warm and fuzzy when they are addressed by their name and welcomed back.

All up I really think there is a huge market for this product for advanced marketers and beginners alike.

Type: Interactive Plugin

Product Creator: Craig Crawford

PROS:  Simple set up, attention grabbing, many different marketing features         

     CONS: Can’t really say I found any to this point.

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    Some valid points you raised! I appreciate you making this article available, the rest of the site is also high quality.

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