Can I share something with you?

I’m pretty sure you will be able to relate and it may just save you a lot of TIME and Money…

I have to admit, when I first got started off online, full of confidence and telling everyone I was going to succeed BIGTIME, I honestly believed that to be the truth.

In reality it was much like I was just shooting in the dark…

I kept jumping around from product to product (shiny object syndrome), believing everything these so-called online GURU’s told me and expecting huge results every time I spent my hard-earned dollars from my day job wages.

Truth is, eventually, I ended up spending THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars on pure unadulterated A grade ‘crap’, that never got me the results that I was after.

After so much failure, things were getting so overwhelming for me.  My friends and family had lost all faith in me and my ability to have any sort of online success and because I was just wasting so much money…

I just wanted to GIVE UP!

I was stuck like a gambler on a slot machine, you know, before I really decided to call it quits, I’ll ‘Give It One Last Shot’, hell it could be my LUCKY day and I wanted to exhaust my efforts, so I continued my quest to make money online. 

This time though, I made smartened up a bit and decided it was time to ‘Stop Trying To Reinvent The Wheel’ and reach out to someone who’s already seeing success online, so I could get the inside scoop on how and what to do and how things worked in Internet Marketing world. 

At that point, I had exhausted almost all my money and every other channel I could think of and reaching out to someone for help was something I NEVER even contemplated doing (really stupid). 

To be honest at first, because of all the crap that I’d purchased previously I did have some serious “trust issues” because it seemed that everyone to this point were all just out to get my money. 

However, I still decided I was running out of options and that’s when ‘IT’ happened. 

What was IT???

I found this guy called Dean Holland, yes, the internet millionaire guy and it was like BOOM, now I know why I was a total failure online, why?  Because I was doing it ALL wrong.

So I got this FREE actual book posted out to me from Dean, a book he had written about why people were failing with affiliate marketing, talk about an eye opener…

Needless to say, that was the best decision that I have ever made for myself, and I decided to PARTNER with this Millionaire (Dean Holland) and finally I had all the tools and direction I needed for success.        

Why did I take so long and waste so much time and money trying to go it alone?  I believe it is called STUPIDITY.  

Now I had a set plan of action, I knew exactly what I needed to do to move forward and finally become a successful Internet Marketer. 

The most important factor was the shift in my mindset.  No longer was I the fool running around throwing money away on a range of different products, that mostly didn’t work. 

I then took on the proper mindset of an Internet Marketer and became the guy who started putting out the products. 

It was this huge weight waslifted off my shoulders because I had finally cracked the Internet Marketing code.

Now I want to help you do the same…


That will get you on your way to success and if you click on the ‘Free Video’ button below you will see a FREE training video from my business partner Dean Holland valued at $97.00.  Our gift to you…

To your every success,

Alan Amor – IM Hawkeye