Lead Magnet Power Pack Special Offer

Lead Magnet Power Pack Special Offer Is The Product Up For Review Today!

Okay, let’s start off by saying this is by no means a new concept, in fact I’ve lost count of how many similar products have been put to the market in recent years and thinking about it, there is probably good reason for it because Email marketing is the key to making money online, as the old saying goes “The Money Is In The List”.

If you don’t have a list or you’re just starting out online, Lead Magnet Power Pack Special Offer” is probably something you should get interested in.  So before you go anywhere read my full review below.



So, What’s On Offer Here?

Well I guess the best way to describe  what Lead Magnet Power Pack Special Offer is can best be described as a “done for you package” PLR package with a twist and that twist is the developers have really done everything you need for you and because they are very proficient internet marketers themselves, they have also included training videos so if you’re a new marketer or your just starting out to build your list, you should be confident that all you need do is follow the processes laid out within the Lead Magnet Power Pack.

For the most part if you can “copy & paste” then you will be pretty safe with the Lead Magnet Power Pack.

All the reports, emails etc have been professionally written and the six (6) PLR products included in the “front end” offer are not the poor quality that can be found with some of the PLR vendors and the best part is they all come with [PLR] private label rights.

The emails written for customer follow ups alone are worth the price of the software package.  Yes, anyone can write an email but there is a real art in writing an email that gets a response and that really only comes with experience and as I said earlier the guys that are marketing this package, Simon & Jeremy, are very are experienced in making money online and are always happy to help you out.



Who Would Benefit From Lead Magnet Power Pack?

This package is fairly squarely marketed at the new and novice market but if anyone is struggling to build a list I’m sure you will find it much easier with “Lead Magnet Power Pack”.

I really hate to use the terms “Plug N Play” & “Done For You” packages because in the real world, everything requires some effort, so no matter who was to purchase this package whilst all you have to do is “follow a beaten path” you will have to put in some time and effort to make this work.  I hear so many people asking if I buy this product or that product, will I have to put in time and money and the answer is YES, if you think you can make money online and not have to work, you are dead set WRONG.

These guys have made it really easy to get a foothold with this package and if you apply yourself just a little it would be a pretty fair bet you will make money but how much?  Again, as I said that will be dependent on you and your efforts.

There is everything you need to get started building your list within the “front end” package which is all I review, I don’t review any OTO’s.

Just recapping, all reports & emails are professionally written and proven to get results.  A professionally done and proven squeeze page is provided and as I said earlier you get full “Private Label Rights” which is a pretty good deal for the sale price.

I am not going to try and cover everything here as all you have to do is click on the big GREEN tick at the bottom of the page or the “Visit Site” tab for a video that explains it all.

In A Nut Shell!     

All in all, this is a fairly comprehensive package for those people that are struggling to get started.  Really if you can “cut and paste” and follow simple instructions it’s hard to see how you could go wrong.

The package is really aimed at the new to novice marketer and is very reasonably priced for everything you are getting.

Type: List Building Software

Product Creator:  Promote Labs Inc


PROS:        Saves You Weeks of Work & a Lot Of Money – EVERYTHING Is Done For You.


CONS:        I don’t like reference to terms like plug and play it leads people to think zero                                               effort is required & that is not the case but maybe that’s just me.