FB Engagr

FB Engagr Is The Product up For Review Today and It’s a Cloud Based Software For FB Traffic!

Okay I hear you say, “not another one” and yes, I know that over time there have probably been hundreds of software products all with the same or similar claim to send you Facebook traffic for free, well yes that is true and some have worked better than others, so why would you buy FB Engagr?

Well I have been playing around with this software for the past several hours and it’s reasonably impressive although I did find a couple of issues that could pose minor problems for newbies but all up I’ve been pretty happy with FB Engagr.

So, What’s On Offer Here?

We have a cloud based software that has been designed and released by three guys that would be fairly familiar to most onliners; Misan Morrison, Seun Ogundele & Victory Akpos also known collectively as “Victory Akpomedaye”.

As I said earlier the concept is certainly not new but most internet marketers realize that the attention span of buyers is getting shorter and shorter, so anything that gets some interaction has got to be a step in the right direction.

The setup is pretty straight forward thankfully because the training videos are not very detailed, there is a 23-minute video that goes into reasonably step by step on selecting a campaign and associated template but the rest of the steps there are no instructions for but maybe they will add them later?   Having said that with what is there you can certainly get up and running even if your new.

Templates are not in abundance for each niche on the front end, but they do supply hundreds of images and blank templates so you will have no trouble finding suitable graphics for your projects.

The really neat thing about FB Engagr is that it is pretty much all inclusive because it is a traffic finder with a built-in funnel and FB auto poster all in one software package.

Now I did say “pretty much all inclusive” however get the maximum benefit from this software you will need to find or create some giveaway products to give incentive to your new-found lead to give you their contact details for your auto responder.  Oh, another good feature of the FB Engager software is that if the prospective lead does not take the step to fill in their contact details but leaves a comment, FB Engagr will AUTOMATICALLY follow up with anyone that engaged with your posts.

Below is a screenshot of the templates area:

FB Engagr Training Area

Who Would Benefit From FB Engagr?

The answer is, pretty much anyone that is selling a product or service online and is building a bigger list of subscribers and that would be just about everyone.

If you are new to marketing online be that an eCommerce store, affiliate marketer, niche marketer whatever and you have a limited budget for marketing and just looking for FREE Facebook leads well FB Engagr is for you, or if you are like me and have a preference for “paid” Facebook ads then FB Engagr will give you better conversions so it’s a good product for you as well.

In A Nut Shell!     

The concept is not new but templates and heaps of high quality graphics are provided with the “front end” product.  FB Engagr does have a funnel and a choice between a “Poll” or “Rate” campaigns and is designed to catch people’s attention with a bit of simple fun.

All up it’s pretty simple for anyone to set up and get going and I can attest that it does generate interaction as I have been using it a little over the past couple of days and getting some pretty okay results.    

Type: Lead Capture Software

Product Creator: Victory Akpomedaye

 PROS:  Simple set up, free FB traffic, attention grabbing, cloud based.


 CONS: Training videos lacking, need to find giveaway products for best results.