Email Marketing – 3 Great Tips


One of the first things believe it or
not, is a really small thing and that
relates to the preheader.

Yes, this is a little bit of text
you’ll find right before the graphic
header in your emails and because it’s
text it actually fits into the inbox as
a snippet and so it’s placed right
there with your subject line and
hopefully gets that precious open rate
up even just a little bit.

So hopefully you know if your open
rates are good or bad but if you’re not
too sure what your open rates could be
or should be, well that’s one of the
first things I would suggest you start
playing with.

What your after is subject lines that
play well with pre-headers.
So, this is a very important step in
the scheme of things but so often
Such an important role that this should
be one of the first things I recommend
somebody take a look at.

Also, extremely important is, how are
you growing your list?

So, the people on your list, do they
know and expect to be on that list?

This is one of the huge, humongous big
red flags when setting out to building
a big list.
Another biggie is to make sure that
you’re offering your customer value and
again are you asking for permission to
send somebody an email and confirming?
Using the principles of content
marketing we need to know that what we
have is great and then we have to
convince somebody else (your
prospective customer) that it’s great
before we start sending it to them.

That’s going to make a big difference
to things like our open and
click-through rates and greatly reduce
unsubscribe rates and it really doesn’t
require too much effort on your part.

Another red flag moment is when you are
seeing unsubscribe rates being over the
1% mark and when you see your complaint
rate start to get up over the 1% mark,
that is another big red flag.

Just so you know the complaint rate is
somebody complaining that your email is
spam, this can be easily avoided by
ensuring you did get permission to send
your email and you have confirmed that
with the owner of that email address
and so if you have completed these
steps you should always be under point
one percent and if somebody does not
expect to get your email, that’s when
your spam complaints starts to

So always remember it all starts with
obtaining permission.

The number one thing that absolutely
makes my stomach turn over is when I
see, one big image in your email and in
case you were unaware, let me explain
to you why it is a dumb idea.

Okay, so up to a third of your email
list will have images turned off by
default and so you just sent a “blank
email” to your list, how clever of you!

When we talk about what drives up open
and click-through rates blank emails
totally does not and never will cut it.

So, the one big image is a big no-go in
fact multiple big image is a big no-go.

What about “cut up” multiple images I
hear you say?

Still really isn’t going to get the job
done, what you’re aiming for is 500
characters minimum of text that
describes the offer your emailing them
about, so I hope you can see why I
stress that there should be no one big

That’s kind of one of my biggest red
flags in the ground.

Happy, happy emailing.

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