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Content clusters or topic clusters are
going to be huge this year and
basically entails really diving deep
into one topic and creating a ton of
content around that single topic to
really establish your brand as though
you are leader in that industry and
really support and bolster that SEO
strategy, with Google kind of moving
more into the semantic search side of

We really want to make sure that we’re
covering topics holistically and I’m
already seeing some uptake in the
content cluster strategy we’ve been
doing it for about a year now and
recently HubSpot actually created a
tool to help people create their own
topic clusters.

So, I really see that topic clusters
are going to be big next year 2018 and

Okay, looking at organic social sites
they have already integrated Instagram
so that you can attach it to your
Shopify store, so if you are an
e-commerce site that uses Shopify, you
can connect and then tag products in
your images, so when users go to look
at your profile and are seeing your
posts they can actually shop those
products right off your Instagram page
They started testing I think earlier
this year and now it’s being rolled out
to more businesses so I think by early
to mid-2018 it’ll be a pretty big
revenue driver for companies and then
looking at the paid side of Facebook
has been incredibly vocal about
offering into Instagram placements
because the algorithm on Facebook is
changing they’re starting to give a lot
more favour to advertisers that use
multiple placements.

My advice would be to opt in to
Instagram and Facebook placements and
typically in the past we’ve really used
Instagram as a brand awareness only as
far as paid social goes but we are
starting to see a lot more revenue come
through Instagram campaigns and so it’s
definitely something to keep a watch on
in 2018 from a creative standpoint
imagine with web design as a whole I
see a lot of you know trends moving in
that sites are using a lot more bolder
text especially with headlines you can
see it when it comes to hero images and
each one’s usually they’ve gotten a lot
bolder but also shortened in length
kind of a lot more straightforward
approach and getting that content
straight to the user and the reader.
other things include, gradient colors
so a lot more vibrant gradient colors
being used for websites to make things
stand out a little.

One thing that has been really more
fascinating is the great approach when
it comes to layouts and website
designs, lately you’ve been seeing that
a lot.

Another visible trend is asymmetrical
like blocks of text and blocks of
images placed together and kind of
moving away from the typical aligned
type of website we have all come to

You know what I am referring to like
the three-blog section just straight
across the website and it will just be
the same old boring stuff but now
you’re seeing symmetrical blocks and
images placed on one side and text
overlapping on the top of that and then
bleeding into a web page if that makes

A little hard to explain but it’s gone
abstract in a way but it’s still
balanced in the sense of design.

The influencer marketing has three
stand out trends, that I’m seeing and
envisioning for 2018. Brands that
currently have not worked particularly
well with influencers will start to
change in 2018, even small lesser known
brands and will start working with
micro start-ups, working with micro
influencers has proven its value and
for brands that are just starting up or
starting a new company it’s a really
effective way to get your messaging out
there, get some brand awareness and get
the product in the hands of potential

So, I think that brands will all start
working with influencers and
implementing influencer campaigns,
working with YouTube influencers
because primarily a lot of brands are
working with Instagram.

Vlogging is a term you will probably
hear a lot more of in 2018.
Vlogging has been ticking away over the
past year or so and it’s really going
to take off in 2018 especially video
content that is very authentic and
shows that the influencer is saying
things in their own words it’s their
individual experience it’s more
authentic so it resonates with its

More targeted toward the younger
audience and then the third thing is
that the FTC will really start cracking
down on influencers in 2018. They’ve
been onto influencers and to this point
have been pretty lenient with the way
that things have gone however looking
between the lines the FTC maybe about
to start really cracking down.

Influencers need to clearly explain
that they are a partnership with a
brand so their audience has a clear
understanding that it’s not fully
organic. I know that the FTC is really
going to regulate influencers and down
the track a little that they’re
clamping down on the way that
partnerships are in the future so those
are just a few things that they have in
mind for 2018.

Don’t get me wrong I’m sure that
influencer marketing will continue well
into the future.

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