Ecommerce in 2018 – 10 Experts Share Their Predictions


So, if you were put on your forecasting
hat, what changes would you see in
eCommerce over the next year?

Would you forecast any big changes in
e-commerce marketing? Well I think that
the big changes are going to come from
a lot of what we call our emerging
markets, places like Nigeria, the
Middle East, Indonesia you know
non-traditional places where you
possibly would not have marketed your
products but these places are growing
in what we would call mobile ecommerce.

I think you’re probably going to see
some shaking up with folks who have
been able to get away with managing
their business a little loosely but
when the economy tightens up, generally
you will see a shake-up of I wouldn’t
call fly-by-night players. The
folks who are more or less on top of
things, won’t need to worry too much,
so I think that’s more of a macro
thing, but I think it’s going to affect
all businesses to some degree.

Reality is that ecommerce continues to
grow rapidly with Amazon taking the
lion’s share however I think new models
like wish, thrive market, holler, I
think these new kinds of companies give
opportunity by approaching things in a
different way, are going to have a
tremendous growth in the next year or

I see the e-commerce space being
increasingly mobile with people having
dramatically stronger preferences for
the brands that they know and love.

So basically for the last 10 or so
years if you were doing Google search
and all this stuff, you had about a 1
in 10 chance of getting picked out, but
on mobile the trend is going away from
having a menu of choices and is more
directed towards platforms suggesting,
this is the one that you like, so this
style of marketing will be increasingly
the winner-take-all for all brands.

Although statistics tell us more and
more people are moving to the mobile
device people this certainly comes with
its initial challenges especially for
the person attempting for the first
time to purchase online through an app
but once they get comfortable with it,
the comfort levels rise and as the
generations get older and the younger
generations are used to purchasing
things online, it will further increase
the mobile marketplace.

I think valuations have kind of come
down for some of the bigger companies
and that’s a good thing because the
emphasis was way too much on customers
as opposed to running a profitable
business so I think going forward
you’re going to see a lot stronger
companies. Some of the ones that are
here honest Casper kind of companies
doing things right in terms of running
a good solid business platform are
definitely going to overtake retail, at
some point and it’s mostly going to
start with mobile don’t ever forget
about your own mobile experiences.

So we often forget about how the
customers looking at your stuff 60% of
our traffic coming from mobile now so
you have to look at it on mobile first.

Text marketing is also huge because the
open rates are just so high, a lot of
reports put the open rates at over 95
percent, whereas email open rates hover
around 10% oftentimes.

Sometimes we see retailers figuring out
that e-commerce is good but they just
can’t do it. I think a lot more trying
to do physical as well as online
shopping, then trying to figure out the
right portfolio and mobile of course is
I think the number one place for people
to focus 84 percent of customers start
their search on their mobile devices so
that means if you have any commerce
component whatsoever, mobile is a must
do otherwise you’re just not in
consideration. So, people that I’m
seeing win in the commerce space are
the ones who are realizing the value of
mobile marketing.

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