Mindset Changes – Looking To Make Some Changes In Your Life? When To Start?

Why not now?  This is a good time as the 21st century starts to wind down in a few more years we prepare for the 22nd century what a good time to set your goals, to work on yourself, your skills, what a good time to get it all together.

A great time to start the process of personal development, growing changing having a good plan for your money, for your life and for your future, why not now?

No opportunities wasted listen to me carefully guys, very carefully you’ve got to hear what I’m saying this is super important there are 86,400 seconds in a day and if you maximize each and every one of them you will live like you want to live, you will have what you want to have, you’ll be what you want to be, you can have way more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are.

If you just stay as you are you’ll always have what you’ve got but if you’re willing to make some changes, over the next five years your life can be totally different.   If you don’t change, odds are certain that the next five will be exactly the same as the last four.

In order for things to change you’ve got to change things.  To get better, it’s not what happens that determines your future, it’s what you do about what happens that determines destination, all you’ve got to do is make a little change in direction to arrive at a brand new destination, in two years, three years, five years you have to change your life, your mindset, You have to look at things differently, like say, I’m going to work out my relationship, I’m going to retool, I’m going to get a new skill, I’m going to go back to school, I’m going to start a business, I’m going to do something.

You have to do something to change your life or in order for you to be happy, if you can’t change your life you’re going to have to change your blueprint.

Change your blueprint and you can have an extraordinary life because all of us are going to have times in our life when what we want or think life should be like, isn’t going to match our life.

The fact that you’re not happy has nothing to do with what you have or don’t have, the fact that you’re not happy is that your life doesn’t match the way you think, your life should be.

There are 10 opportunities in a day and you’re taking advantage of only seven but if you think you’re doing something, listen you only have 24 hours in a day and the way you spend your 24 hours determines how you live if you want the future to change for you, you’ve got to change, if you don’t change the next six years of your life is going to be just like the last six, you’ll still be behind on your bills, you’ll still be behind on your promises.

Here’s my last question, why not now?

What is it that gives your life a sense of meaning and purpose because once you find that, it puts you in your power place.

If you know what your life work is, start working on it, if you can’t do it all at one time, do just a little bit and if you don’t know what it is that you showed up to do then work out what your purpose is, the meaning of your life, what will be different?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?

In the last 90 days how many books have you read?  In the last year what new skill or knowledge have you acquired?  What kind of investment have you made in yourself?

As you begin to look at where you want to go, things are changing so fast you have to literally run to standstill, you’ve got to make some conscious effort to begin to work to develop yourself.

Something else, most people are not living their dreams because of fear, fear limited vision and lack of self-esteem.  They can’t see things being better for them and they think that this is it and this is all they deserve.

Blanton Smalley Blanton who is a colleague of Dr Norman Vincent Peale once said, that fear is the most subtle and destructive of all human diseases, fear kills dreams, fear kills hope, fear can put people in the hospital, fear can age you, fear can hold you back from doing something that you know within yourself that you’re capable of doing but it will paralyse you.

What’s the benefit of allowing fear to hold you back?  What’s the benefit of giving up on yourself of not stepping out and taking life on?  What is the benefit for you?  What’s the plus in that?  It’s one of the things you have to ask yourself, so I didn’t want to make any mistakes, I wanted everybody to like me, I wanted to be perfect the first time I did something, it’s not going to happen, you’re going to make lots of mistakes you’re going to hurt some people’s feelings, you’re going to create some enemies.

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Whenever you decide that you want to begin to take life on, you’ve got to ask yourself how long am I going to allow this to hold me back?

Zig Ziglar said, “fear is false evidence appearing real, it’s an illusion that we create in our mind, it is a state of mind that can be changed” Okay so let’s look at how we can begin to take some steps to restructure that fear, to begin to expand our visions of ourselves, to begin to increase our self-esteem, Webster once said, “self-esteem means confidence and satisfaction in oneself” look at your life right now, whatever you’ve done up to this point in time your life is working, whatever you have produced it came out of you, as a result of the kind of person that you have become, as a result of your choices, it’s a result of your consciousness and now you have to ask yourself, are you satisfied with what you have produced?  Is this what you want?  Would you like for things to be better than this?  Do you believe that you deserve better than this?  Are you content, this is it, you don’t have to do everything or anything else, have you already resigned yourself in life to, so well I’m happy I’m not starving like the people in Calcutta, are you allowing yourself to get “off the hook” like that or do you believe somewhere in the back of your mind or in your heart that there’s some other great work for you to do?  That there’s something else life has instore for you.

 So how do you handle this fear factor?  How do you increase your self-esteem?  You have to begin to fortify yourself, how do you do that? Well you have to begin to consciously monitor your inner conversations and start talking to yourself, start building yourself up, sometimes the only good things you will hear about you, are the things that you say to yourself so learn to be your own booster start building yourself up start encouraging yourself.

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  1. Avatar Fugermann says:

    Hello.This post was extremely helpful, especially since I was browsing for thoughts on this subject last Tuesday.

    • Alan Amor Alan Amor says:

      Hi Fugermann,

      Thanks for your kind words and I am glad you like the content I source.
      Glad you find my site helpful 🙂
      Happy to help anytime.
      Hope to see you here as a regular visitor…

    • Alan Amor Alan Amor says:

      Hi Fugermann,

      Thanks for your kind words and I am glad you like the content I source.
      Happy to help anytime.
      Hope to see you here as a regular visitor… 🙂 🙂

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