Hi, Alan here.  Now I’m guessing that if you’re here on my website you’re probably doing some research on what the best home business is to start, and you want to learn about the different options there are for home-based business.

Okay so you want to get started you want to build a home business you want to work from home maybe online right so let’s go over some of the options you might want to consider in order to maximize the amount of income that you can make from home.

Alright so why should you listen to anything I tell you?  Well I’ve been online for the last six years five of those nine years I failed really miserably and I’ve tried just about every different business model you could think of so I’ve learned a thing or two along the way.

Now the last year actually is the first year I’ve been able to generate good sales in my business and I want give you a little advice on what happened that made a difference.

First and foremost, I found a mentor/trainer that has been involved in the online industry for a long time (been there, done that).  Was that cheap?  Well I guess that depends on how you look at it.                                                                                                                                                                                     You see I suffered from a very, very common disease called “shiny object syndrome” and I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years buying all the new release plug ins and software’s that the GURU’s released, they are guru’s so the products must be good right?  WRONG, you see with time comes knowledge and with knowledge experience and I can tell you looking back, in hindsight, a large percentage of the so-called guru produced products were just, crap.

So, why find a mentor and what the hell difference could that possibly make?  Oh, and what about my earlier statement about is a mentor a cheap option?

Let’s start with the cost issue.  If I had invested all or at least a good amount of the money I spent on ‘shiny objects’ I would have probably covered the cost of the mentor, I would have been advised as to what I needed to purchase to make my business successful and where to purchase.  Also, most mentors/trainers have arranged bulk discounts on products and even better I would have produced an income stream much, much sooner and that makes the outlay of the mentor programme pale into insignificants.

Oh, I can hear you screaming, Alan, I have no money to invest in a mentor I really don’t even have enough money to buy the tools I need to start a business, I just need to find a way to make some money online.

Well wouldn’t I like a dollar for every time I have heard this and I know this is going to sound harsh but ‘you are really wasting your time’.

Sure, look if you have some special talents like a website builder, maybe you are good at writing and you can write articles for people, or maybe you have the ability to develop software, then maybe you can go over to Fiverr, or one of the online employment services and advertise your skills but if you have no special skills/talents like the majority and you don’t have money to but the necessary tools to start up a business or you don’t have money for a mentor/teacher, then don’t waste your time sitting at the computer, go out, work for a boss earn some money and then try your luck  online.

As I said, sounds harsh but there is no point “sugar coating” these things.  For those who know me they know that is not my style.

Before I go, just let me give some explanation as to some of the business opportunities you may come across and the pros and cons of them.

When you are using your own skillset and you’re giving a service to other people that need it so for example, you may see advertisements telling you “make money from home stuffing envelopes (mostly scams by the way)  however a better example may be getting paid to do online surveys, you won’t make a lot but maybe after a lot of time and surveys you could earn enough to buy the tools etc. to start your own online business.

Now I did mention Fiverr before and for the main this would be the better option if you have no money to get started but you do have some ability and a brief description for those not familiar with Fiverr is this, it’s a website where people can go and outsource their services and get paid, of course paying a fee to Fiverr for using their site, but as I say if you have some sort of talent this maybe worth a look.

Okay I’ll wrap this up now and hope you found this article of some use.

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