Technology Trends – Top 10 For 2018


The top ten strategic technology trends, are key trends that  enterprise cannot afford to ignore.

You can’t ignore them because they have significant potential for impact and disruption on enterprises over the next five years.

As we look at the top 10 trends we categorize them into three big themes that link together it’s all about the growth of the intelligent digital mesh.  Intelligence is a very important set of trends to look at there’s three key trends.

First is AI (artificial intelligence) foundation and it’s trends, it tells it all right there artificial intelligence and machine learning is increasingly a foundation component of all of the applications and all of the services, in fact all of the things in our world around us.

Which leads us to the two subsidiary trends intelligent apps and analytics and intelligent things when we look at intelligent apps and analytics you have to focus on where we’re going to add intelligent capabilities to those systems think of intelligent user interface with things like conversational interfaces we’ll talk about later.

Think of intelligent actions so your applications themselves have autonomous processes and look at at how AI improves the business intelligence and analytical systems for end users and enhancing what data scientists do and as we look at all of this I want you to think of that term AI not just as artificial intelligence and not just as robotics replacing people but think augmented intelligence and assisting humans and finally I want you to think of swarms or collaborative intelligence multiple intelligent things like drones, robots, autonomous vehicles, working cooperatively together it’s that collaborative notion and the Augmented notion that really can drive powerful AI capabilities in the future.

Our second theme is digital and this is all about merging the real world in the into the virtual world, into this combined digital experience as we do this the world of experience of the “Internet of Things” we’ve talked about for some time starts us out with the theme of digital twin.   These are the theme of digital twin  representations of real-world digital things and we can operate on these things digital representations to drive better maintenance, repair and operations of physical assets.

This takes us to the next trend which is cloud to the edge, we’ve got to think about edge computing and using the processing power at the edge these edge devices that we hold in our hand or are in the Internet of Things or near servers by that that can act as gateways servers, so when you think of cloud, think of cloud as a style of computing not a physical delivery system.

So we’ll have physical delivery system, we’ll have faraway cloud services which will deliver capabilities to near servers and out onto the edge.

We’ve got to think of this distributed computing environment and finally the last two trends are looking at conversational systems and immersive conversational systems.

Conversational systems are about how we interact with systems so we’re going to interact through language and other types of systems on the immersive experience.

It’s about artificial intelligence and virtual reality, mixed reality and how we perceive the digital world between those two. The user interface you think of today will radically change over the next five years for the apps you buy and the applications you build.

Our third theme in the top ten is the mesh and the mesh is really all about connections dynamic connections of people processes applications technologies and devices the first trend that we have here is blockchain and blockchain is all about creating a shared distributed immutable ledger with cryptographic validation of the transactions that go on the ledger the key value of a blockchain is really the fact that it isn’t tied to an individual enterprise or an individual application it deals with the connections across that in a very dynamic way to reduce technical friction and reduce business friction.

Our second trend deals with event processing now we typically used request driven models we call services with api’s and we link them together in some more rigid ways s and that’ll be necessary for certain things but for this dynamic world that I’ve been talking about around the top ten with IOT and other things this notion of event processing in a more flexible and dynamic way of linking things together.

The way that you orchestrate services  finally think of continuous adaptive risk and trust, that’s our final trend and it looks at the mental model you’ve got to have around security it’s a continuous adaptive process there’s two key things that are really new and interesting that you particularly want to look at here one is this notion of deaf sac ops so bring development and operations together for DevOps but insert security into that whole process as well and finally think of Deception  technologies

Now deception technologies are technologies taking this age old notion of a honeypot now if you set up these fake servers or fake applications your users are never going to get to that in the normal course of the day but if you’ve been penetrated and you don’t know it, those bad guys might be going after them and then you can highly identify that the bad guys are in your network.

So think of Deception technologies and def sec ops as two new things that you’ve got to take a close look at in the coming year, your future is the intelligent digital mesh with intelligent capabilities increasingly forming the backbone of all of your systems digital, creating this ecosystem digital business where we’re merging the real in the virtual world together into the future digital reality and the mesh that future digital reality that looks at maximizing and optimizing the connections between people and processes connections between people, processes and technologies.

That is your future.

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      G’day Pengra,

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      Hope to see you here as a regular visitor…
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