Quick Start Challenge 2018 – Week Two Update!

Okay so as I promised last week I will continue to give a weekly report on the Quick Start Challenge 2018 and here is my week two update!

So, following on from last week which was our first week, this week’s task on the surface may seem a little menial but it is probably where/why so many people go broke or simply just “hit a wall”.
So, what is so important? More is to the point what is this week’s Quick Start Challenge?
Well, what else could it be? A plan of course, your roadmap to the future and like I said before it is a big reason for failure not only in online businesses but offline bricks and mortar businesses as well.

Imagine if for example the board and management of let’s say Walmart did no forward planning and set no goals. If they simply had staff open the doors at 9am and close them at 5.30 pm and simply add up the sales for that day and the next and the next but never had any targets (dreams) of just what the company wanted to achieve or the direction the business needed to head in to stay ahead of their competitors. How long would Walmart stay in business do you think? No not long at all because their competitors would surely have a business plan that would include, how to crush the competition.
No, I am not suggesting that an online marketer starting out needs a business plan as all inclusive as a huge organisation as Walmart but you DO need a PLAN, no plan is swinging the odds heavily in favour of you joining the 97% of online businesses that fail.

Don’t get me wrong, a good business plan is NO guarantee of success but it surely going to go a long way to reducing your odds of failure.
As advised by Dean from the Quickstart Challenge 2018, your business plan should include things like your ultimate dreams (a target to aim for), how much money do you want/need to earn to ensure your life is comfortable, where would you live if you are to achieve your success, what sort of house would you live in? What kind of car would you drive?

Everybody’s dreams, wants and needs will be vastly different but the one common denominator is that the dream, YOUR dream needs to be big enough to drive you to succeed and ensure that you never, never give up.

So, do I have a business plan that drives me to get up every morning and gives me that hunger to succeed and never give up, well the answer to that is HELL YEAH!

As a part of the Quickstart Challenge 2018 requirement, let me share a little of my ultimate dream/plan, now if you are a younger person you are probably going to say well that’s not much of a dream but as you get up into the more mature stages of life your wants and needs differ greatly from that of someone that is about to get married and start a family.
Now I will start with where would my wife and I like to live/retire and that place is Penang in Malaysia, I absolutely detest cold weather and it is like summer all year round in Malaysia.
What is our dream house?
Well our dream house is not a house but a condominium on a higher level (preferably a penthouse) but the primary criteria is that it must have water views.
What car would we drive? Well pretty much all my life my dream car has been a Jaguar but as I said about the mature end of life thing, well that has changed and I have no wish to have a big car anymore and my wife does not drive and there is just the two of us now so our dream car now is a more modest Honda civic.
I must stress these are not ‘settle for’ dreams, it wouldn’t matter if we won the lotto tomorrow the dreams are still the same just the timeframe to achieve would be different.
Now the biggie, how much do we need to click these dreams into action? Well my wife and I have discussed this at length and have it pretty well down pat that to action the plan will be when we achieve 6 consecutive months at $8,000 USD per month we are on our way to retire in Penang and that should happen in May 2019 (just before winter in Australia).