Can QSC 2018 Reduce Fails in Network Marketing?

Okay so what the hell is QSC 2018 I hear you say?

Well the answer is simply the Quick Start Challenge 2018 and like other years before it the challenge is run and organized by Dean Holland and Craig Crawford two very seasoned and successful online business operators.

I decided to accept the challenge and take on this 5-week step by step program to see for myself just why so many people have found success of varying degrees with this training program.

So, I will endeavor to update you with the progress as we work toward week 5 and hopefully along the way we will be able to take a look at my original question above and that is can this course reduce your chances of failure and ultimately quitting online marketing.

Let’s just take a quick look at ‘Network Marketing’ and why people fail.

Network marketing is a very cool strategy, and YES, you can achieve some seriously good residual income if you know the secrets on how to achieve them.

One of the reasons why people fail miserably in network marketing is because they align themselves with the wrong people.

Now let’s not confuse network marketing with multi-level marketing as they are two separate “kettles of fish”, multi-level marketing is where you must recruit other people and teach them to recruit others and so it goes on.

Yes, there are some very wealthy multi-level marketers out there but generally speaking, network marketing is more focused toward affiliate style marketing and the sale of digital products or tools and recruits are known as “affiliates” and these affiliates generally work for themselves selling other people’s products (vendors) on a commission basis.

Generally, these are “one off” sales with NO residual income, but if you look around there are some companies that offer exceptionally good residual incomes for little or in some cases ‘FREE MEMBERSHIP’ 

People in network marketing also fail because they do not strike a balance between affiliate sales and selling the product that generates residual income.

You do not even have to rely on other companies for residual income you can for example start your own “membership site” or “group” where you charge a monthly recurring membership.  Even using this strategy, you cannot stop adding to your lists because you are always going to have a natural attrition rate and so without selling or adding to you list of customers you will run out of leads and cause your network to stagnate.

When choosing your niche market, try wherever possible to select “evergreen products”, these are products that are less likely go stale and have less people wanting to purchase these types of products.  Some examples of these might be weight loss, affiliate marketing, pets etc.

As with all businesses and indeed life projects, you need to establish and write down your short term, medium term and long-term goals, because as the old saying goes “those who fail to plan, plan to fail” and believe me you will fail miserably.

Your business cannot and will not work if you fail to treat it as a business if all you are doing is putting in a few minutes work each day then off to the beach or jogging around the block, you will not succeed.  In fact, the biggest reason that people fail in their online businesses is simply a huge lack of effort.

You see making money online is really not that hard the hard part is staying focused on the tasks at hand and being true to yourself and your business and above all else NEVER, NEVER Give Up!

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