Well I Honestly Never Saw This Coming!

QSC 2018 Update Number Three.

As you would be aware, if you have been following my blogs for the last few weeks, I decided to see what all the fuss was about surrounding these Quick Start Challenges that Dean Holland & his business partner Craig Crawford put up every year.

Watch This Quick Video & You’ll See What I’m Saying About These Guys!

Whilst this is an info blog rather than a review, I guess you can be forgiven for thinking I am crossing over the line in places here, but it’s kind of difficult not to.

The most important message I am trying to portray to you here are the questions, is the QSC of value or is it just another one of those shitty money grabbing pieces of crap that we have all been caught with before?

Just call me a sceptic but when you get burned enough times, some scars just don’t heal and yes you do become a bit sceptical of these so called new and wonderful training programmes however at some point in time you just may find something that actually has great value for money and lays things out in an easy to follow, rational training program and I believe that these Quick Start Challenges fit this description.

What was it about the QSC that I liked?  Well firstly, the course is over 5 weeks, I did not have to outlay a fortune (less than $50) which in itself was refreshing, and on top of that there weren’t any upsell outlays either, how amazing is that?

Everything is clearly relayed to you via video training and at the end of each completed section there is a little quiz, to make sure you are paying attention but also to ensure if your having problems all you need do is call out for support help and bingo, your right on track again.

I guess that about now you might be asking yourself, well this is all well and good but what the hell has this all got to do with my headline, “Well I Honestly Never Saw This Coming”?

Well, those of you that know me, know I have been poking around the internet for some time now and if I’m to be honest with you and myself I have NEVER really ‘hit the bigtime’ in regards to internet marketing.  I have seen many young guys start out with their internet businesses and gone from zero to hero really hitting the BIG TIME, whilst I have just plodded along and I have to say that at times that has really got me so frustrated an on the verge of just simply giving up.

I wondered WHY?  Why, have these guys been successful and I’m just plodding along, what is their secret?  Are they so much smarter than me? (some yes, others definitely NO).  Do they put in more hours than me? (some yes, others no).

So here is the big news and no it’s not that all of them created or had products created for them, although that definitely does help but what happens to technically challenged people like yours truly, if that’s the only way to succeed?

Well no that’s NOT what I found was the real driving force behind people who were struggling as opposed to those that were successful.

Is it some sort of special Club?  No, that’s not it either.

The most common denominator I found was that almost ALL the people that have successful online businesses is, wait for it – they have a mentor, a coach, a successful person that has already beaten the trail before you and for a fee is willing to guide YOU down that same pathway, pretty cool huh?

Okay, okay I know, it’s all about the “money honey”, right?

Well can I say this and I don’t mean to be cruel or harsh but you will HAVE TO outlay some money in order to build a successful online business.  Sure, you can spend hours on forums etc. placing your links and you may get lucky and make some sales but unless you outlay some money to capture the details of those buyers, you are unlikely to be successful and the probabilities are high that you will join the 97% club, these are the 97% of people that don’t make a dime online and quit.

Anyway, I reckon you get my drift by now, so I’ll jump off my ‘soapbox’ now.

So what I did not see coming was that after I completed the 2018 Quick Start Challenge I was so impressed with Dean, Craig and the team at “Internet Profits” that I decided to take the next step and get ‘mentored’ by these guys and I joined their ‘Certified Partnership Programme’ and start learning the RIGHT WAY to do things, to make a dollar online, so watch out for my future updates on this.


So, finishing up my QSC 2018 blog series.

Who would benefit from taking this course in 2019?

Well, if you are new to internet marketing, it’s for you.

If you are struggling to really break into your markets, it’s for you.

Really, the course is designed mostly for new online marketers but if your looking for that light bulb moment, I would say take the course at under $50 what have you got to lose?

Keep checking back for updates and other Internet Marketing news & items of interest.

Until next time.