Affiliate Marketing – Can You Really Make a Living?

Hey there Alan here from IM Hawkeye.com and for those of you that don’t know me I’m an online marketer/reviewer of internet marketing products.

Even though a lot of my blog readers and YouTube subscribers already know exactly how the affiliate marketing game works I still get tons of questions from people that are completely new to this game wanting to know exactly what Affiliate Marketing is, how it works and how do they get started?

So, in this article in plain English I’m going to explain what you need to do and how to go about getting started as an affiliate marketer.

First thing you need to know is that the concept of affiliate marketing is actually dead simple.  Put simply affiliate marketing is where you sell other people’s products in exchange for a commission.

I’m sure you’ve all had dealings with those retail salespeople where you get a really pushy salesperson?  That’s because they are getting paid a commission by the store.

No don’t worry you won’t be doing that I was just kidding, in fact you won’t even have to deal face to face with any customers and that’s what is really cool about affiliate marketing.

Why I was initially attracted to affiliate marketing?

Well money was the first attraction, followed by you don’t need to have your own products you don’t need to ship anything out yourself, you don’t need to accept payments yourself, in fact you don’t really have to do any of those annoying and complicated tasks.

Okay, so how does one actually get started in affiliate marketing?

Well it’s dead easy, all you need to do to get started is to join an affiliate program which is free and, in most cases, takes just a few minutes to do.   You will find that most big online retailers have an affiliate program, places like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, JVZoo and literally thousands of others.

Now you will usually find a link to the affiliate programs for each of these sites tucked away somewhere at the bottom of their page and once you know where to look for these affiliate programs you’ll be surprised at just how many sites actually do have an affiliate program.

Let’s say I want to make money promoting stuff on amazon.com first I need to join their affiliate program, by heading over to their website and scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the ‘become an affiliate’ link, then you just sign up for an account.

Now once you have been accepted, which can be a little troublesome when you’re first starting out but be persistent and you will be okay, now your accepted you just login and search for any product you may be interested in on Amazon.

Products found you simply get what is called your affiliate link and this is most important because your affiliate link is a unique link to you so that you can promote the link and every time somebody clicks on that link and buys something from Amazon or whichever affiliate program you choose to join, then you get paid a commission.

So, say for example you had a Facebook fan page about the Hunger Games and you wanted to make some money promoting the Hunger Games books to your fans, well all you have to do is just log into your Amazon affiliate account, search for The Hunger Games books, get your affiliate link for those products and then share that link out to all your page followers and you could say something like hell yeah guys, the new Hunger Games book just came out!  Then ‘boom’ someone buys and you get a commission.

One of the really cool things about being an Amazon affiliate is they don’t even have to actually buy the particular product that your promoting, you see after they click on one of your links if they buy anything from Amazon you get an affiliate Commission’s so, even if those hypothetical Hunger Games followers do click your affiliate link for that Hunger Games book but they didn’t buy that book, but they end up buying a plasma screen on Amazon you would still get a commission.

Amazon commissions are somewhere between 4% and 10% depending on how many sales you make a month and what kind of products you’re selling.   So certain products you’ll get a higher Commission than others then at the end of each month Amazon will just deposit all of your earnings into your bank account, or alternatively you can have them send you a check in the mail or if you really want you can even get paid in Amazon gift certificates, it’s up to you to choose how you want to get paid you just need to go to your account settings and then click the payment method link.

I must be honest at this point and say I prefer to market affiliate products from JVZoo, Clickbank or the Warrior Forum and for eCommerce well I predominately use AliExpress, why, the commissions are higher but Amazon is huge and a lot of people make a lot of money from being Amazon affiliates.

Now there are a ton of different ways to promote your affiliate links but the way that I found to be the most ridiculously profitable method after years of doing this is by building simple websites that target products and niches that hardly anybody else is targeting this way it’s extremely easy to get those sites to rank in the top spots of Google, so that tons of people every day who are searching for those actual products find my site, click my affiliate links, and buy.

You might be thinking to yourself at this point, things like well how do I set up a website?

I don’t know anything about building websites, or you might be thinking, how the hell do I promote a website so it gets to the first page of Google?   All of these things are relatively easy but you really do need to get someone to mentor you at first or you could end up doing what I did for years, spinning my wheels, suffering from ‘shiny object syndrome’ and wasting thousands of dollars.

The best, most cost-effective course I could ever recommend to anyone just starting out or still haven’t made that first elusive dollar online, is a course I actually did myself by a great guy in the UK named John Thornhill and I can’t recommend this step by step course highly enough.

It is comprehensive and holds your hand every step of the way.

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