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Are you thinking of using videos to grow your business, to market your products and services? Maybe you’re looking for ways to gain more subscribers and gain more views or maybe you’re kinda on the fence and you wanna try video marketing but not sure how to get started.

What you’re about to see is a special, exclusive workshop that I’ve conducted with some of my superstar mentees. Now these are the exact strategies that I have used to grow my channel to hundred subscribers, to thousands of subscribers, to tens of thousands of subscribers to now hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

So these are very proven strategies and this is only one video of the entire series. So make sure you click on that I button, and click on the playlist, check it out so that you don’t miss the before and after and watch the entire playlist. Now if this is the first time you watch my video and you wonder who is this Dan Lok guy? Click on the subscribe button below and make sure to subscribe to my channel. Every single day I upload video to my channel for you and you can see we have hundreds of thousands of people watching my video and they enjoy the content very much. I think if you deep dive into my content you also get a lot of value from it. With that said, let’s dive right into it. – How it works, I’ve showed you what it’s like and I started with the why.

Now let’s go into how it works with YouTube advertising. – The king of high-ticket sales. World’s highest-paid consultant. Media celebrity. Multimillionaire entrepreneur, acclaimed TEDX speaker, international best selling author, Dan Lok.  Five elements of the ad video, write this down make sure you take notes here. We talk a little bit about from Desmond’s talk but there is a few things that are slightly different in this one, that is in the advertising world that you’re gonna do slightly different. And that is in the intro for your video, this is the video that is gonna be seen after you see an ad pop up, and that person clicks on it, its gonna go to that video on your YouTube channel that you made and that YouTube video that you made is what we call right here, this particular is a pre-roll video or a welcome video or another way they say it is hook video. This is the video that gets them to do something that you want them to do for your desired outcome for your target audience with this video.

And if you do it right, with the right psychology and the right factors here, you’re gonna be able to do these things. Now, another thing that’s important is you really wanna get their attention. So if you’re gonna get their attention right? And maybe you have to do something weird, maybe you have to do some Kung Fu punches or maybe you have to something where you go like Hey or maybe you have to start waving like crazy or maybe you could just be professional and then just say something that is really profound that hooks them and gets them to pay close attention right? And so it’s really important that you get your intro right because this is where you wanna get to this point in that first five seconds for a YouTube ad, slightly different what you can do. You know how we talked about earlier in Desmond’s talk about the importance of saying title of what you’re gonna talk about in the first you know five to six, to ten, fifteen seconds. You wanna get to the point on that, with the ad side, on the ad videos, you wanna make sure you get to the point in the first five seconds so they know exactly what to do if they wanna pay attention to this or move on.

If you don’t do that, then you’re losing a lot of potential prospects because you didn’t get to the point right enough. And so with that you wanna go into after you go them hooked, then you’re going to go into the pain points. A lot of you have questions for things that you might be struggling with in your business. Maybe you’re weak at email marketing or maybe you know struggling with certain things in other areas of your business. No matter what those struggles are or pain points are you know that there’s a lot of stuff that’s out there but depending on how it’s marketed to you, you’re gonna do something about if somebody shares with you the pain points that gets you to go hey this person gets me.

This person understands me because they know this is what I’m looking to get out of this struggle or this hurdle that I’m dealing with right? And so that’s where you go into after you’ve addressed that in this video, you can also address their passions. It might not always have to be like actual words that talk about those passions and addressing those passions. It can actually be done through just certain types of video shots or b-rolls or certain angles in the videos that are done to help them get that feeling of what they’re talking about. Whether it be lifestyle related things or family related shots or something that you did with your business or that house that you sold or you know maybe it’s you’re speaking on stage talking and helping your audience. Whatever it is, it’s helping them feel like oh yeah I wanna do that too, that’s some of my passions, I wanna be a part of that right? And so that’s why you wanna pay attention to that as well, and then you wanna get down to the solutions.

This is where the solution is to give them these things that maybe you give them a free course as one of the solutions, or maybe you’re telling them hey if you go to this webinar I’m gonna give you such and such solution and then that’s whatever industry you’re in and you give them that solution that’s related to that right? And then the next part is call to action. This is where you really have to make sure that if you know you’re outcome, which is either to grow your influence or subscribers you want to them to hit the subscribe button. You want them to comment, you want them to engage with you, ’cause that’s your audience, that’s your prospects that you’re connecting with and growing that trust with right? And so it’s really important that you have that call to action and whether it be calling them to subscribe or whether it’s getting them to go into a webinar as your call to action or getting them to click on the link down below.

And whether it’s having the video telling them to click on the link down below even when it’s like visual plus verbal. You wanna have those elements in there that is super important. Now this is possible to have a 60 second video an ad video, a 60 second ad video or one minute ad video or a two minute ad video, try to keep it around 60 second to two minute ad video to get to the point but also get them to the clear call to action including the elements in here from the five elements of an ad video. This is really important because as you do these things and you hone your skill with these things, you know your own industry the best ’cause you’re the expert and so you wanna make sure you do these things so that you get to them to your channel. Because if you get them to your channel, after that they either are gonna take action on that or guess what worse case scenario they get to see your other videos that you’ve been making content of and so they gradually get to know you even if they don’t take action right away, on your products and services that’s okay, build up their trust.

It’s the same thing with other areas if you go on a date with you know a girl or a guy and you ask them to marry you on the first date how do you think that’s gonna go? I don’t think that’s gonna go too well right? Probably, for the most part you’re probably gonna get rejected, or maybe some water in your face, you know something like that. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could go into the natural approach, natural selling, natural helping and giving that value. That’s where you go with that and so that’s cool things about the five elements of your ad video. Now we talked about the outcome, you talked about you know, when you’re in a session with somebody and you’re telling them and you’re coaching them on something like hey what is your outcome? Well same thing with the paid advertising world, we’re asking you, hey you told us what your outcome is what is your target audience? We ask you what your target audience is so you can know what to focus on and what not to focus on.

So if you are doing martial arts for example and you’re running a martial arts studio or dojo or whatever, and you have mainly male customers. Do you think your ad should include women? Well that’s a mixed opinion there, but maybe you do a split test right? You can do a split test just to have it just one ad target males and maybe another ad that targets females. Nothing wrong with that, split test you know. Rule out the objectives instead of just assuming stuff right? And so that’s why you wanna make sure you know your target audience. Target audience isn’t just male or female it could be many other things and we’re gonna go into those things about what those things look like in you YouTube ad as you make your ad and you target your customers. Alright so we got demographics. These are some cool things that you can do that are super laser-targeted like a sniper more than just a shotgun approach. With the sniper approach with YouTube advertising, you’ve got age, all these different age groups.

You can uncheck the ones that you don’t want. So if you know your customer, you’re selling let’s say life insurance to senior citizens for example. Well you obviously wanna uncheck 18 through 24. So you wanna make sure you save money there right? Here’s some other ways to save money, we talked about the dojo thing, where if you only have male customers, you can uncheck these other two. Well what about these weird check marks here for these unknown? Well if your gender doesn’t know if they’re male or female and they need to decide hey they can pick unknown, hey nothing wrong with that right? And so maybe they’re an alien, hey we don’t know, they might be amongst us I’m not gonna say anything.

I mean I’m sayin’ but I’m not sayin’. (audience laughing) But anyway, so with that you’ve got these demographics here really targeted demographics right? This is awesome. Now anything you can do with your ads, as you’re building your ad up for your audience is interests of the person and topics content of page. Let me break this down real quick and pay close attention to this ’cause this is important that you think about not just your target audience, but what are your ideal prospects interested in? So when you’re writing down in your notes here, not just your target audience, who are my prospects? Who are my ideal customers? Not the broke people, not the people that you don’t want as a customer but the, who are your ideal customers? I want you to write down what is the types of interest and things that my customers interests in. Is my customer interested in golf? Is my customer interested in arts or entertainment or cars or personal development or dating or food or games? What is your ideal target audience interested in? This is where you can get really deep and really ninja on this stuff here when you’re making your ad, or whether we’re doing it or whatever as so you really wanna make sure that you can add this ’cause here’s where it gets really fun.

With interests and topics you can also target your competition. Ooh yes. You can target your competition, where if you are let’s say abc realtor and then you’ve got xyz realtor over here whose got their stuff out there and they’re just putting out videos they’re not doing paid advertising Or maybe they’ve got a YouTube channel they’ve got some awesome videos. You can put your video on top of their video if their channels monetized, and you can put your video on top of their videos that they’re putting out there.

And so before they even see that person’s content, they see your ad. Ooh isn’t that awesome? I like that. I know I like that, do you? So definitely you wanna make sure that you have these things that you can target your customers but also target your competition so that you can still be ahead of the game and dominate, right? Do what? – Dominate. Dominate that’s right. And so that’s the next part with topics of content you wanna think about the things that the topics that they’re you know related to, whether it be personal development whatever.

And so that brings us to the next part, keywords. I talked a little bit about this earlier, and I talked a little bit about you know you put in a long term, excuse me, long-tail keyword like for example Vancouver Entrepreneur Group or how to make money online or you know getting results as a coach. Those are longer keywords that are long-tail keywords that you can put in and we do this similar strategy and SEO ranking for free strategies with videos, but we also do this in the paid ad world if you’re gonna do a keyword type of ad, as well. And you build up a list of keywords, not just one but several of them. But you want ones that you can basically optimize over time and we’re gonna talk about optimization in just a moment so you can not waste your money and get rid of the keywords that are not working for you as you test your ad. You always wanna be testing. Now with keywords there’s some other cool things you can do with keywords and things that you can put them in, quotations or without quotations to do some different things so that they’re looking at the right things.

You can do negative keywords and what negative keywords is, is when you’re doing negative keywords this is stuff that you if they put in let’s say, let’s say your keyword is Vancouver Entrepreneurs Group right? But if you just have another keyword that’s like Vancouver gamers group. If you don’t want gamers to find Vancouver Entrepreneurs Group you would put in negative keywords Vancouver’s gamers group so that way anybody’s who’s a gamer that’s in Vancouver and is looking for groups, picks up that keyword, you don’t want your ad to pop up in front of that person.

You only want your ads to pop up in front of your ideal prospect of customer so that it’s a really targeted ad and that’s gonna help you keep your ad really good for getting results for whatever action and outcome that you want. – So what have you learned from my talk? And how does it apply to you and how do you take direct action?

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