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My Story:   Alan Amor

So, who is the face behind IM Hawkeye and why is the site called IM Hawkeye anyway?

Well the “rough” head (as in my photo) behind IM Hawkeye is me just an Aussie bloke that has been around the track a few times.

Why IM Hawkeye?   Well the IM is for Internet Marketing & the Hawkeye is in reference to this review site and separating the good from the CRAP!

How did I end up working online and how did I end here with this Affiliate Marketing Review site?  All will be revealed below!

You will see where a lot of online marketers like to tell you their long and sad history from “nappies to riches” and all the struggles in between but seriously who wants to read all that HO-HUM rubbish? They tell you that to try to inspire you and make you feel confident they can be your “knight in shining armour”. Honestly inspiration is not what I’m trying to achieve here, what I’m after is by giving you a little bit of a background story about me you will see that I am upfront and honest with what I say and do.
So where do I start? Well certainly not from when I was a kid because that has got “bugger all” to do with online marketing, wouldn’t you agree?
So, a little background on my working life so you can see you don’t have to be university educated person to make a dollar online.

Here we go;  My name is Alan Amor I live in Sydney, Australia and I started out my working life in the telecommunications industry & spent about 18 years in the that industry, starting at the bottom and ending as a senior manager. From there I got bored and decided to start my own earth moving business, big mistake and sold out at a loss after a year or so. Well you live and learn.

Next came Real Estate Sales agent. Yep, did okay there until we went from “boom to BUST” and over the next many years was in sales and management roles. Are you bored yet?

I promised I would keep it short and to the point and I will keep that promise. Fast forward a few years (okay several years) I was forced to early retirement with an old neck injury and after surgery didn’t quite know what I was going to do, then a “light bulb moment” I had been dabbling online for years so that seemed like “easy money” I mean everyone makes money online right? WRONG!!!
I bought just about every great looking “how to make money online” product that was released, some turned out okay, some were terrible “rip offs” and some you needed a university degree to follow.

Okay so after being totally deflated with the “sure thing” of making money online a friend approached me and told me about this great business opportunity selling physical products,sounded good so I thought yep, I’ll give that a good “crack”.  So off I went but whilst I, could see a good business opportunity, most people I got in front of saw me as a pest wasting their time and then the clincher, the MLM company, based in the USA merged/sold out to another MLM company and they had no base down under (in Australia) so end of business and stuck with a lot of stock that turned out to be difficult to get rid of. More lost $$$$.

Now at this point I had been a full-time marketer (not by choice) for about a year and a half and a buyer of affiliate products (a dabbler) for about 6 years and so I decided at that point I was NOT going to have a business either online or “bricks & mortar” that I didn’t have 100% control over.

At about this point I discovered eCommerce stores, looked like a sensible thing, selling items that other people produce to people who want to buy, and so I purchased a piece of software that I still use today to help with setting up the site and adding products and I now have a few of these stores and whilst challenging I personally like this concept but I continually look for products that may make my life easier, as technology changes at a really rapid rate.
I guess the point I am trying to make here is that in one way or another I have been online now for about 9 years and as a result I have gotten a pretty good idea of who produces good quality helpful products at a fair price and then of course the not so good.  So my goal is to save you a ton of time and money!

This started me thinking back to when I first started to try my hand at the “online world” and when I looked at all the products I had purchased along the way (because I really had no idea as to what I was doing) for no real benefit, the outlay was thousands and thousands of $$$$$$$.

Does that make you sit and think? Did me!

Now look, I am not stupid (a bit of grey hair maybe) I am aware that the are many, many review sites out there but most (with are a few exceptions) haven’t changed their format and sorry but they are NOT review sites at all, I mean some even “bag out” the product they are supposedly promoting and have a link to refer you to a product they are promoting that they get paid a higher commission on, or others say they are a review site buy just cut and paste some text from the sales page & steal the sales video as well, VERY frustrating, I mean how dopey they obviously have never seen the back office and how the product works so how can they possibly review it?
I can assure you that on IM Hawkeye you will see a true review of the products that I place on this website but again I am not stupid and I know if I just keep putting up reviews on bad products I won’t get any vendor to give me a “sample copy” and as I said, I have come to know over the years, the good & bad and to be honest vendors, in fact I have my little “BLACK LIST” of vendors that I just will not even review their product, so you will never see my reviews on those products but also I cannot possibly review EVERY new product that is being released, there just isn’t enough hours in a day to review all.

You will see some products used on my site that I have purchased and use, some of these products I will have reviews on and a link as to where you can purchase but some of the things you will see on the site are no longer available so unfortunately, they are no longer available for purchase but I will be able to advise you early if the products are being re-released in the future if you are on my mailing list.
Well folks, that is about the end of the story on Alan Amor, hope you got something out of it? Otherwise I just wasted a whole lot of time.
If you have any questions you can contact me directly by email: support@imhawkeye.com Please be mindful of time zones and it may take up to 24 hours to get a reply back.